Permanent Air Filter Installation

The Convenience of a Permanent Air Filter in Birmingham, AL

It’s common knowledge that heating and cooling equipment needs filters to keep particles out of the air. But depending on the type of filter, you may find yourself having to change them frequently, which can be inconvenient and confusing. Perfect Service HVAC can help remove any confusion and install a permanent air filter in your home.

A permanent air filter is one that removes the need to purchase a new filter and install it regularly in your system. Instead, these catch particles using an electrostatic charge, and can be rinsed off for reuse over and over again!

How Permanent Filters Work

The static charge is generated by the passage of air through small cracks in your system. The particles then are attracted to the metal, meaning that it not only stops contaminants, it pulls them in.

The filter can then be washed off and reinstalled like new, resulting in a filter with a number of advantages:

  • Money-saving over time.
  • Available in all shapes and sizes to fit any system.
  • 10x more effective than conventional filters.
  • Remains effective for up to five years.

The Most Effective Indoor Air Quality in Birmingham

Perfect Service HVAC’s technicians have been improving the air quality in central Alabama’s homes for two decades. In that time, we’ve seen every situation imaginable, and can provide you with a solution no matter what your need might be.

Whether scheduled service or emergency situation, you can always expect:

  • Complete installation, repair and maintenance service.
  • A dedication to your budget and safety.
  • Complete control over your home’s climate.
  • Cutting-edge HVAC products, tools and technology.
  • Your complete satisfaction, guaranteed!

Is a replaceable permanent air filter the right solution to your indoor air quality needs? Improve your health and efficiency by contacting Perfect Service HVAC online or calling (205) 957-2022 today!