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When Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

Cost Savings of a New Heat Pump – Birmingham, AL

In this article we are going to discuss the details of a Heat Pump Replacement. The customer had a 2005, 12 SEER, 3.5-Ton, R-22 Freon, Goodman Heat Pump and Air Handler with a 10 year manufacturer’s parts warranty. The power bills on average were over $250 a month. During the hottest months of the summer the system could not keep the temperature of the home at a comfortable level.

The customer moved into this home in September 2014. In November 2014 the customer had to call Perfect Service because there was a problem with the Heat Pump heating the home. We found that the heat sequencer on the heat strips had gone out so we replaced the heat sequencer. A few weeks later we had to come out again to replace a contactor. Then in the summer of 2015 the customer called Perfect Service because the system could not keep up during the heat of the day. We found the system low on Freon and the evaporator coil rusty and leaking Freon. Due to these problems we replaced the evaporator coil. All of these repairs were covered within the 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and the only thing the customer had to pay was the labor cost. In October 2017 the customer called Perfect Service because the unit was not cooling the home below 75 degrees. We came out and diagnosed the compressor as pulling high amps and failing. The customer decided that the best thing to do, since the warranty had expired, was to replace his Heat Pump System.

Side Note – The customer reported that during the 3 days prior to the system replacement the power bill had spiked from an average of $10 a day to $28 a day due to the failing compressor.

Since the customer had problems cooling the home in the heat of summer, they decided to up-size from a 3.5-ton system to a 4-ton system. The first thing we had to do was to make sure that the duct work could handle the larger system. We determined that the duct work could handle the additional airflow, but we would need to increase the return from a 20×30 to a 24×30 and we needed to add two air vents to handle the extra airflow.

Perfect Service installed a 14 SEER, 4-ton, 410A Perfect Service brand Heat Pump System. The new system had many upgrades and changes from the existing system that we will explain and show using before and after pictures.

The customer is very happy with the new Heat Pump System and has reported much lower power bills as well.

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